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Burt’s Bees  

Burt's Bees was founded in Maine in 1984. A hippie beekeeper and a single mother raising twins produced their first beeswax lip balm using a traditional formula. “We have always believed that there is a simple solution to increasingly complex living conditions. Trust in nature and revert to nature”. Each Burt’s Bees product is clearly marked with the percentage of natural ingredients it contains, while insisting on refraining from adding any preservatives or chemicals harmful to the body. In addition to all this, we minimize packaging and utilize recycled materials as much as possible. We try to do our part as global citizens by giving back to the earth what we take from it. We deliver what others only promise!

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COOLA Organic Sunscreen Collection

Originating in sunny California, COOLA knows more about protection against the harmful rays of the sun than others. We are dedicated to developing an entire series of natural, professional grade sunscreen products with organic certification, which is extremely rare in sun production products. The entire product line contains at least 97% or more certified organic ingredients. We insist on using only ingredients, which are safest for our skin. In terms of packaging, green recycled raw materials are used in a bid to minimize the earth’s burden.
COOLA is also your best choice during water activities, as its excellent, expert sun protection has made it the product of choice for the American Lifeguard Association!

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Founded in 1994, AVALON ORGANICS has committed to creating exceptionally pure and effective personal care products for over 20 years. AVALON ORGANICS's Consciousness in Cosmetics® guiding principle has led the company to a product line that features 100% vegetarian ingredients, NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients certification, and the USDA National Organic Program certification. We are grateful to have the privilege of sharing our body care formulas with you and we will continue to create formulas that are satisfying, effective and conscious of your health and the environment we share together.


  La Trinite Naturelle

La Trinite Naturelle doesn’t just provide products,but rather a lifestyle. We especially emphasize natural organic products not just in superior materials but also in the production process.Based on our deep love to aromatherapy and believe in the healing power of plant energy,we persist to use only the best oils in our products.Our oils are Certified Organics only, and can also be traced to the very source of the plant, either the particular farm that grew the plant,or the forest location where it was wild crafted. None of our products contain any artificial ingredients such as preservatives or other chemicals because we want our customers to feel absolutely comfortable while using 100% genuine organic oils to promote and enhance both mind and body in a highest quality lifestyle.

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WALA Heilmittel GmbH has been developing natural preparations since 1935. Dr. Hauschka posed the question. He asked:What is the meaning of life ? Dr. Steiner replied with an answer both simple and profound: " Study rhythms – rhythm brings life." Inspired by these words, Dr. Hauschka, began his journey in creating natural remedies which culminated into the founding of WALA . For many years, Rudolf Hauschka considered launching his own skin care range to complement the medicines range – a kind of extension of the preparations to maintain healthy skin. However, his ideas only became a reality when he met Vienna-born Elisabeth Sigmund, who ordered preparations from WALA for her self-developed skin care products. They jointly developed solutions for stable cream bases without chemical/synthetic emulsifiers and created fragrance mixes with natural essential oils. The first products were launched in 1967.

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One of the brands under the pioneer of the Aromatherapy movement in Australia , In Essence, LUMIÈRE is a premium brand of hand-made soy wax candles. Inside this opulent glass cylinder is a hand poured proprietary soy wax blend with pure cotton wicks allowing them to burn clean from start to finish. The power of pure essential oils, naturally derived exotic fragrances and intoxicating aromatic scents tempt the ordinary into the extraordinary. Research shows that our sense of smell plays a major role controlling mood, memory, behavior , and emotion, much more so than cues from other senses, such as sights or sounds. Each Lumiere flavor is formulated to enhance your current mood. Inside each opulent glass cylinder is a hand poured proprietary soy wax blend with pure cotton wicks allowing them to burn clean from start to finish. The power of pure essential oils, naturally derived exotic fragrances and intoxicating aromatic scents tempt the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Sonett is one of the pioneers of ecological laundry detergents and cleaners. Thanks to their excellent quality Sonett products are available in almost every European country. Considering it our responsibility to renaturalize water which has been used for laundry washing and cleaning, we add to our products substances which have been rhythmatised in an oloide mixer, and work with process water that is swirled in twelve egg-shaped glass vessels. All of our raw materials are completely biodegradable and free of synthetic fragrances, dyestuffs and preservatives, they are without any enzymes and petrochemical surfactants, contain no bleaching agents, and neither genetic engineering nor nanotechnology has been used. The oils used for our soaps and all of our essential oils originate 100 % from certified organic cultivation.
Sonett, So Nice So Good.

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Founded by professional snowboarder Jussi Oksanen and friends in 2008, Mizu is a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for skate, snow and surf. The Mizu family includes action sports industry veterans and a group of some of the most respected professional snowboarders, skateboarders and surfers in the world. We are unified by our passion for our sports and respect for the oceans, mountains and parks we play in. At Mizu, our core mission is to give you smart options over plastic containers so that you can go out, have fun and feel good about it. Our lifestyle is our inspiration. Sustainable design and individuality are important to us. This is Mizu Life.

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